Breaking the Mould is a project by AUT, Tommaso Cavallin, Chiara Onida, Anna Perugini, Dario Stellon, Matteo Stocco, Marco Zito.

All pieces have been made by Salviati.
A very special thanks to all the Salviati staff: Giorgio Tiozzo, Stefano Simoncin, Alberto Conserotti, Adriano Zanella, Pasqualino Memo (furnace); Roberto Bon, Paolo Vio (grinding department); Alberto Cimarosti, Samantha Liszka (quality check); Monica Crescente, Barbara Antonetti (sales office).

Thanks to Ruggine and owner Marco Baldonieri for making the moulds in metal.

Thanks to Ryan Barkataki and Andrew Furner for advising on English translations.

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