Experiment 1

Breaking the Mould - Ex. 1

a. Soda-lime glass
> colour: clear
b. Ceramic wool
> composition: SiO2
> structure: quartz, cristobalite
> T max: ~ 900°C
> fibers diameter: ~ 8 -30 μm
c. Old wooden mould

Dimensions of the final piece
h. 45 cm diam. 15 cm

a. Try to concentrate stress and tensions, given by different coefficient of expansions, in certain areas.
b. Evaluate heath-resistance of the ceramic fabric, testing different thickness.
c. Get new curves and radiuses in the final design.

The glass is blown into a traditional wooden mould coated in ceramic wool. After cooling, the piece was cleaned with water.

The piece didn’t show any superficial or structural fracture and has kept the shape; the texturised effect on the surface looks like a rock/frost effect.

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