Experiment 5

Breaking the Mould - Ex. 5

a. Soda-lime glass
> colour: clear
b. Ceramic tissue
> composition: SiO2 mainly
> structure: quartz, cristobalite, planar graphene-like
> T max: ~ 900 – 1000 °C
> fiber diameter > 6 μm
c. Metal mould

Dimensions of the final piece
h. 50 cm diam. 25 cm

a. Test the way the textures is transferred from the textile onto the glass.
b. Test the use of fabric as a mould, without extra supporting elements.
c. Test the possibility to get an undulatory wave-like mould shaping.

The glass is blown into a textile stitched to make a tube.

The piece doesn’t come off the mould easily; interesting texture.

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